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World Explorers Series presents


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With a Twist of Magic,

Anna's world transforms. 

An unknown place.

A mysterious food.

An unfamiliar language.

Will Anna and her sidekick, Bear, accept the kindness of a new friend and have the courage to discover where this adventure may lead?

Featured Destination Bonuses


- Kid-friendly recipes

- Fun fact page with the country flag

- New foreign language words


Anchor 2 New Flying Book

A Perfect Day to Fly

Hot Air Balloons

Animals in aircarft?  This place is a zoo!

After Meerkat Mason, the meteorologist predicts a great day, the animal aviators take to the skies in their favorite aircraft.


From hot air balloons to rescue helicopters, the

skies are full of adventurous flyers sharing the wonderful world of aviation with children everywhere.

Featuring adorable animals children know and love, explore the latest flying machines in this exciting read to inspire future pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and all other little explorers.


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World Explorers Series presents

A Twist of Magic

With a twist of magic, Anna and Bear are transported to a whole new world.  They meet a new boy, learn a little Spanish, try new foods, and take an exciting voyage full of discovery. 

Through the anticipation of a new adventure and the beauty of the world, this story enraptures children in an exciting journey that fuels their curiosity.

Teach your child the joy of travel and the power of overcoming fear about what is different and new. 

twist-of-magic-cover-layout-digital edited no spine front only.jpg
 Adventures around the globe await...

But we need your help!
Calling all
World  Explorers Series
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Supporting Education and Development

10% of all book profits will be contributed to charities supporting education and development.  If you would like to recommend an organization, please contact Allison at

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